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Helping you find a solution is what we pride ourselves on and for over 40 years sellers have trusted SSTW to have their back! Our team is a conglomerate of real estate problem solving experts that negotiate everything from parking tickets to tax liens and judgments. By working with SSTW you give yourself access to the best legal and expediting services in addition to post closing services, such as relocation or credit restoration.

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Real Estate Professionals

We are brokers to the core who understand the culture and expectations of Real Estate Agents and Brokers. By choosing to work with SSTW, you give yourself more time to focus on generating new business while SSTW coordinates the moving parts and resolves potential hazards of your transaction. Successful realtors leverage our knowledge and experience to help them problem solve every challenge that might arise. Executing an efficient and timely closing is our top priority.
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Both senior and junior investors leverage SSTW as their advisor because of our multi-dimensional knowledge surrounding a short sale transaction. Over the last 25+ years our team has successfully battled every real estate investing challenge imaginable and built lasting relationships along the way. We look at each investment as an opportunity to grow relationships for many years to come. As fellow real estate investors, we understand your metrics!

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Our team of experts at Short Sales to Wealth have combined 100+ years of Experience is Real Estate and Short Sales

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Operations Manager


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Senior Processor 


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Leverage The Expertise You Need To Successfully Negotiate Your Short Sales!

         Convert Homeowners In Pre-Foreclosure Into Commission For You!
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         Leverage Our Resources To Accelerate Your Business!
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“Identify and profit with THE investment that brings you the success and fulfillment you deserve…”

    Access our database of all pre-foreclosure properties in your target county
    Source/originate funds for real estate investors to purchase and rehab real estate at competitive rates
    Leverage our in house expediting team to resolve municipal violations and assure a seamless turnover

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Receive Expert Guidance & Strategies From Industry Experts!

         Take Control & Manage The Foreclosure Process!
         Avoid A 7-Year Blemish On Your Credit Report!
         Resolve All Liens & Judgements Against Your Name!
         Prevent Forced Auction And Streer Clear Of Deficiency Judgements!
         Preserve Credit Worthiness!
         Take Advantage Of Cash Incentives And Relocation Expenses!
         Get Relocation Assistance
         Access Post Closing Credit Restoration!

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No there is no cost to the homeowner. Commissions and legal fees on behalf of the homeowner are paid by the lender. All experienced negotiators will also include junior liens, monetary fines for violations and personal judgements.

Yes it is not uncommon for lenders/servicer to allow up to $10,000 in relocation expenses to the homeowner for participating in a short sale. Buyers can also offer incentives to the seller that must be disclosed to the lender for approval.

The answer is both yes and no. Many factors come into play here that may have nothing to do with the price and everything to do with the contract of sale and the conditions of the commitment imposed by the originating lender. This is a case-by-case scenario.

A diligent processor or negotiator can get the bank to adjourn a scheduled auction by simply allowing sufficient time to process actions. The homeowner can also be assisted by council to file an order to show cause or bankruptcy petition or as otherwise advised by council.

Investors are aware that certain short sales have different underwriting guidelines that are outlined by the investor or mortgage insurance companies. SSTW has immense knowledge about these guidelines, their time frames, paperwork and minimum percentage values that investors will accept. We can provide realistic data to real estate investors even before an approval is generated.

A short sale happens when the seller’s ability to repay the loan has been diminished and when the property has been reduced due to market conditions, damage or wear and tear.

On a short payoff, the mortgage is current and the seller still has the ability to repay the loan but the property is underwater. The seller may opt for a negotiated deficiency.


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