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Short Sales To Wealth is a family-owned business that started in 1994 to provide homeowners with the guidance, education, and support to navigate and negate mortgage delinquency.

Whether you are a Homeowner, Real Estate Professional, or Investor, Short Sales To Wealth is the most effective way for you to navigate the short sale market guidelines, policy, and procedures!

Why would Short Sales To Wealth Want to Help…?

Receive Expert Guidance & Strategies From Industry Experts!

Take Control & Manage The Foreclosure Process!
Avoid A 7-Year Blemish On Your Credit Report!
Resolve All Liens & Judgements Against Your Name!
Prevent Forced Auction And Steer Clear Of Deficiency Judgements!
Preserve Credit Worthiness!
Take Advantage Of Cash Incentives And Relocation Expenses!
Get Relocation Assistance
Access Post Closing Credit Restoration!

Focus On What Matters

Work with an experienced and proven company like SSTW so you can focus on your business or job, and family while we help you resolve your current situation.

Sell Your Home

Avoid the stress of sheriff sales, forced auctions, foreclosures, and bankruptcies. Get assistance with relocation and negotiating the sale of your home!

Move Your Sale Forward

List your home via a local broker on the MLS and receive full exposure on the market. Pending violations, monetary liens, personal judgments, and more will be professionally negotiated by the SSTW team to clear your title as soon as possible.

Confused, Not Sure Where To Start?

Tell us more about your personal situation and we’ll have a trained specialist reach with a 100% free consultation; Let us HELP & GUIDE you through your the Short Sale process.


Transform Your Life!

Take Control Of The Foreclosure Process!

Avoid A 7-Year Blemish On Your Credit Report!

Remove All Judgements & Liens Against Your Personal Credit!

Identify All Of Your Home Retention Options!

Explore Options to Respond to Acts of Nature, Neglect, Vandalism, And Much More!

Frequently Asked Questions

No! There is no cost to homeowners. Homeowner commissions and legal fees are paid by the lender. All experienced negotiators will also include junior liens, monetary fines for violations, and personal judgments.

Yes, a homeowner whose financial situation has deteriorated form the time of mortgage origination can request mortgage relief. Also if the home is considered over leveraged under current market conditions, a short sale can be requested.

Yes, it is not uncommon for lenders/services to allow up to $10,000 in relocation expenses to the homeowner for participating in a short sale. Buyers can also offer incentives to the seller that must be disclosed to the lender for approval.

Since the advent of the last market collapsed of 2008 many of the government sponsored programs were initiated to absolve homeowners’ deficiency judgments. Many of those programs have expired but banks are underwriting short sales with similar guidelines. Homeowners should always consult a licensed tax professional on their obligation to a 1099 Misc.

There is no fixed answer. It depends on the workload of the servicer, type of mortgage insurance involved, market saturation of listings, and the price offered to the lender. The average time is 3 to 6 months.

Yes, a short sale can still be done on your property however, it will require separate negotiations with each lender/servicer. In the last market recession, there were certain government mandates in dealing with junior liens. Most servicers/lenders still continue to process under similar guidelines.

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